Latest runnings…

Welcome along, first up a bit about our next party…

Back for our second outing at east London’s spiritual home of bass music, Gramaphone’s basement, we’re happy to be callin on the talents of much admired south London DJ & producer Cooly G…

‘Cooly G, a semi-pro female footballer and UK house producer and DJ from Brixton, South London, describes her sound as having a “deep house tribal dubstep vibe,” and you can see why – Cooly G’s productions exist in their own hinterland – abstract post-garage beats that slowly shuffle into life, dubbed out, with her own cut up vocal snippets singing painterly half phrases.

She’s the second female producer on Hyperdub alongside Ikonika and she released debut single for the label after a string of self produced cdrs. The single got people pretty excited, she was single of the week in the Guardian Newspaper, One to Watch in the Independent newspaper, got interviewed all over and was immediately snapped up for remixes by the majors as well as starting to get bookings all over the world.’

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