2562 alert

This weeks RA podcast is the work of Dave Huismann aka 2562/A made up sound, and yes, its fucking ace. Great to listen to on your ipod whilst out robbing.

The Hundred in the Hands – Dressed in Dresden (Kyle Hall remix) – Warp
Basic Soul Unit – Jak’d Freq (A Made Up Sound remix 1) – Creme Organisation
A Made Up Sound – Crisis – A Made Up Sound
A Made Up Sound – Sun Touch – A Made Up Sound
Commix ft Steve Spacek – How You Gonna Feel (Pangaea remix) – Metalheadz
Roska – Time Stamp – Rinse
Untold – Come Follow We – Hemlock
A Made Up Sound – Alarm – A Made Up Sound
Mount Kimbie – At Least (Instra:mental remix) – Hotflush Recordings
DJ Qu – Party People Clap – Deconstruct
Altered Natives – Crop Duster – 3024
Shake – The Other One – Rush Hour
2562 – Flashback – Tectonic
Jack Sparrow – Day Of The Dead
? – S.O.S.
Instra:Mental – Rift Zone
2562 – Well, Then


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